Engine Prototype 01

This is my first prototype of the Dejeweled physics engine. So far the engine supports simple rod constraints in two flavors: rigid and springy. Next up are pin constraints.

The ragdoll here is a slightly modified version of the one from my earlier Ragdoll Control Prototype, with a new physics engine and some shiny new graphics in the Dejeweled style.

Click the window to start. Then use the arrow keys to move the stick figure around.

left - rotate left
right - rotate right
up - raise arms
down - spread legs

For slow motion, hold down the space bar. Click the meters to adjust the physics settings.

Let me know if you find anything interesting. ;)

1 comment:

  1. Hey, remember me? It's me, AtomicTroop!

    Nice to see ya finally making a game out of this engine. When we had to drop the collaboration project, I really felt ashamed about it. The engine was just simply so fun. Well, I'm eager to see what this progresses into. Good work so far! :P
    My projects have been on hold for quite a bit, and that stream equalizer I talked about quite a time ago got completely destroyed when my sd card formatted itself... I should really get into making it again, but... Meh. I have far too much projects in my hands. What with making TaoBtB too. ;) (Yeah, it's an acronym)