Inspiration Series 01

Dejeweled is about carving out your own reality from a blinding white field of full-spectrum light, all possibilities at once. That's the feel I want to convey in the art style. You create by subtraction, by taking away, by defining constraints. Like layers of ink on a blank page. The opposite approach would be additive, building up a universe one spark at a time from the cold, infinitely black void, or a cursor blinking on a dark computer screen, waiting for your first command. That's not Dejeweled. Dejeweled is white, bright, light, sliced into actuality.

I originally got this from The Matrix. Here are a few more examples I've found.

Click the images for the full-size originals.

the noise of a broken glass...

white on white

walk the duck

Structure 2

White Shadows

To the End of the Earth

I hope to make Dejeweled feel like this.

Why I Just Do White...
SL Portal Collab Entry
sail to the moon
cyber pepper

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