Engine Prototype 04

This is my fourth prototype of the Dejeweled physics engine. The engine still supports rod, pin, and door constraints, both rigid and springy, but this prototype only makes use of rods and pins.

But there's a lot that you can do with rods and pins. This is an experiment for an interface, to create interesting structures with the mouse. The final game might not use the same interface, but it will probably be similar.

Click the window to start. Then click and drag the mouse to draw and move objects. You can create rods, pin rods to the background, move them, connect them, and delete them.

click and drag - create rod
click on a rod - create pin
drag rod or pin - move rod or pin
drag off screen - delete rod or pin
drag rod onto rod - connect two rods

To pause the simulation, hold down the space bar. Click the meters to adjust the physics settings. The "speed" setting will let you manually adjust the amount of slow motion.

Let me know if you find anything interesting. ;)

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