Frequently Asked Questions

"Is the game done yet?"

No. When it's done, we'll tell you.

"When will the game be released?"

We don't know yet. We're developing Dejeweled in our meager free time alongside work and school, so it's hard to come up with a definite development schedule. Until we get further along, the best we can say at this point is that it's probably going to take a while. In the meantime, you can subscribe to our blog feed for the latest updates on our progress.

"Will the game be free to play?"

Yes. Dejeweled will be a free Flash game, just like all the other free Flash games on the web. We'll be putting up a donate button once the game is released in case you want to support the project directly. If the opportunity arises, we may also incorporate special game items that you can buy with real money. But we'll see.

Introducing... Dejeweled!

Welcome to the Dejeweled Development Blog! This is where we'll be posting all official information about the upcoming game Dejeweled.

About the Game

Dejeweled will be a Flash game available to play on the web for free. It will be a physics-based building game, where you construct elaborate contraptions in order to brutally extract jewels from the bodies of defenseless ragdolls. Hence the name, Dejeweled.

The business model for funding the project is as of yet undecided. However, it will be definitely be free to play. Most likely, ads will be embedded into the web page the game sits in, or directly into the loading screen through MochiAds. This revenue may be supplemented with non-exclusive licenses to specific game sites such as Miniclip.

About the Team

The current development team consists of axcho (design and coding) and Prospect (design and music).

The idea for the game was first brought forth by Prospect in June of 2007. Since then, the design has slowly solidified with the help of the Stick Page Portal community. Originally we had planned to really get going in 2008, but life happened, and this didn't. Now it's 2009, and we think we might actually have a chance of getting somewhere.

So, as we crank out the concept art and experimental prototypes, we'll be presenting them here, on this blog, for your enjoyment and critique. Stay tuned.

There are currently no estimates as to the completion date of this project. We will see how it evolves. :)