Engine Prototype 02

This is my second prototype of the Dejeweled physics engine. Now the engine supports both rod constraints and pin constraints, in two flavors: rigid and springy.

This ragdoll is just like the one from Engine Prototype 01, except now it has a sword! With pin constraints, the ragdoll can grab any point along the weapon, not just the ends. This opens up a lot of possibilities, as you'll see in the next few prototypes.

Click the window to start. Then use the arrow keys to move the stick figure around.

left - rotate left
right - rotate right
up - raise arms
down - spread legs

For slow motion, hold down the space bar. Click the meters to adjust the physics settings.

Let me know if you find anything interesting. ;)


Engine Screen 02

It has been several months since the last update. I'm sorry.

Here's a screen shot of what I've just been working on. Now the ragdoll has a sword! Fun. The real point, though, is that the sword is connected to the ragdoll with a pin constraint. Notice how the ragdoll grabs the sword not at the very end, but part of the way up the hilt. That's because of pin constraints. Nifty!

It's a small update, but I could go ahead and release a new engine prototype with this sword-wielding ragdoll. Would you like that?